Diana is an indie author living in the balmy climate of the US south with her family, two dogs, one cat, and a cantankerous rabbit.  She enjoys reading, sewing (clothing, costuming, and experimental toy-making), being “studio mom” for her children’s dance school, and RPG games.  (She grew up with the old school paper/pencil style of gaming, but has transitioned happily to the highly interactive world of video games.)  And, as if she had more time to spare, she has recently invested in Asian ball jointed dolls to customize into characters from Feyron.

The idea for Feyron started with a map, a place for her daughter to tell stories and live out storytelling role-playing adventures with her friends.  The lore grew around the map, for every world needs lore if you are going to “live” there.  The idea for a series, Tales from Feyron, grew out of the lore, for if you’re going to invent a world, you may as well play there too.  The stories are continuing to grow through the various historical ages of Feyron and have just started to ripple outwards to the Worlds Beyond touched by magic.  Legacy of Mist and Shadow is the first tale to venture to one of those worlds and has been awarded the BRAG Medallion by Indie BRAG.  


I think my love for story telling started at a very young age.  I can remember telling stories to my younger cousins during sleep overs about the magic of teddy bears and how our beds fly to Dreamland when we sleep so that we can have wonderful adventures.  I remember imaginary friends, like my twin sister Diane, the mischievous one, who went on grand adventures to faraway places.  I remember notebooks of stories inspired by books, television, and movies - fanfic written long before I even knew there was a word for such.  I remember in junior high discovering role playing games, the true old school sitting about a table with your friends living the story role playing games, and enjoying creating adventures for my younger cousins to play with their friends.

I think the storyteller slept for many years waiting for the right time to return.  She was inspired by my daughter’s love for storytelling.  Maybe the storyteller was called back to her memories of youth by watching the light of creativity shine in my own children’s eyes.  And thus, the Realm of Feyron was born as a place where my children could play.  My daughter and her friends could use it for their storytelling RPG adventures, and my son could sit and listen to the tales of lore and adventures of Shyamal the magic puppy.

To hear more from the author, follow her blog: Friends of the Faie

The Current Tales:

The Storyteller begins her tales in the middle of things, so to speak, with the historical period known as the Age of Awakenings.  The first book, The Dreamweaver’s Journey, follows the first Dreamweaver to come of age in over three hundred years on a quest across the four Realms of Light within Feyron. The second book, The Guardian Child’s Return, follows a group of young adventurers beyond the Realms of Light to a place that few knew could even be reached.  The third book, Legacy of Mist and Shadow, begins to hint as the past during the Age of Fading and explore the Worlds Beyond that are connected to Feyron.

The Vendors who have assisted me with Tales from Feyron:

  • Masquerade Tours - online promotions
  • Mia Darien - editor, cover designer, promotional materials, blogger - and Indie Author
  • NN Light - reviewer, blogger, online promotions - and Indie Author
  • Palms to Palmettos - local art gallery/collectibles shop supporting local artists and authors