Author Spotlight: Cristina Grau

I was born and raised in Uruguay, a beautiful little country in South America. Three sides of the country border the water, the west side borders the Rio Uruguay, the south west borders the Rio de la Plata, the south east and the east border the Atlantic Ocean.
All along the littoral, we have beautiful u shape beaches, one behind the other, magnificent lagoons and coves. Throughout the country we have great eucalyptus forests, many hot springs and green rolling hills. The temperature is about the same than North Carolina.
Since I was a little girl, I wanted to leave and travel from one country to another one, visiting different places, learning different cultures, enjoying local foods.
I also have many interests besides traveling. I love to write, to read, to paint and to decorate. And of course I love to spend time with my children and specially my granddaughter.
Now, once a back packer, always a back packer, so here I go!

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