Princess of the Light 99c e-book sale

Today I am pleased to introduce to you a wonderful author, editor, blogger, reviewer, and marketer, N. N. Light!  This is a great opportunity to meet a new author, try a new story, and contribute to her charity event supporting her local food bank for families in need.


   Mary's the Princess of the Light but her only hope is to make a pact with her enemy.

Mary's the Princess of the Light but her only hope is to make a pact with her enemy.

Title: Princess of the Light

Author: N. N. Light

Genre: Paranormal Romance

During the month of September, Princess of the Light is on sale for the super-low price of $.99 USD. 100% of the proceeds during this time will go directly to our local food bank to help feed children and families in need. This is the first time Princess of the Light has ever been this low and who knows when it will be this low again.



Mary Miller receives a startling visitation from Gabriel, the Messenger of God. The Archangel reveals an astounding truth--Mary is the Princess of the Light and even more amazing, her destiny is to battle Lucifer's army of demons and restore the balance of good and evil on Earth. It's getting harder to fulfill her new role and keep her identity secret while juggling her personal life, and when Than, Lucifer's second in command, amps up the attacks on her, she knows she needs help.

Joe Deacons is everything she's ever wanted in a man. And as providence would have it, in a moment of great need, he's the Warrior of Light--the one who can help her defeat the forces of darkness.

Not so simple when they confront Lisbeth, a demon hell-bent on usurping Than and Lucifer himself.  When Lisbeth wages war and several innocent people die, Mary must form an alliance with her enemy in order to destroy her.  But will this be a grave error or the choice that saves their world?

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