Remembering Warriors Bundle

In commemoration of the World War One Centenary

One hundred years ago, in 1918, the Great War ended after four terrible years. Never had the world seen such a conflict. All touched by its scythe hoped we would never be thusly reaped again. Their hopes were but desperate dreams. Since that first armistice, there have been many more battles, and thousands have given their lives or their health to preserve freedom and escape from tyranny.

A hundred years after the first armistice we still remember and honour those brave souls. But still, the soldiers fall, for the War to End All Wars did not.

10% of the royalties from the Remembering Warriors bundle will go to the plus another 10% to two charities that support wounded and ex-service personnel and their families, in commemoration of the World War I centenary.

Stories included in this bundle:

  • Book #1: Comrades in Arms
  • Book #2: Outside the Walls
  • Book #3: Norman Blood
  • Book #4: The Rise of a Warrior
  • Book #5: Total War
  • Book #6: Resonant Bronze
  • Book #7: Siren
  • Book #8: The Museum of Modern Warfare
  • Book #9: Nothing for Nothing
  • Book #10: The Rescue
  • Book #11: Soldier, Storyteller
  • Book #12: Heroes of Old
  • Book #13: With a Broken Sword