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Here Be Dragons Bundle – #Fantasy

13TuesdayMar 2018

Here Be Dragons – Myth, Monsters and Mayhem

Vol III 

They stalk our myths and hunt our past—dragons—humankind’s greatest and oldest foe. Good, bad, legendary and deadly. Dare you enter the dragon’s lair?

Tales of dragons, their friends and their foes.

  1. The Crown and the Dragon – John D. Payne
  2. Dragon Writers – Lisa Mangum
  3. Of Blood and Scales – A. L. Butcher
  4. Devouring Light – J.M. Ney-Grimm
  5. Ascension of the Whyte – Karen Wrighton
  6. Of Dragons and Centaurs – Deb Logan
  7. Night of the Clockwork Dragon – Louisa Swann
  8. The Legend of G and the Dragonettes – Russ Crossley
  9. The Dreamweaver’s Journey – Diana L. Wicker
  10. Graybill – Rita Schulz
  11. Star-drake – J.M, Ney-Grimm
  12. Like at Loch Ness – Karen L. Abrahamson
  13. Winter Glory – J.M. Ney-Grimm


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