And the Winners Are...

We've had a busy couple of weeks, what with the Book Blast by Masquerade Tours and the Raffle they hosted, and then the little Raffle the author hosted for gaining 100 Likes on the Tales from Feyron Facebook page.  So many gifts to create and prepare for shipping, but she got it all done.

Masquerade Tours Raffle - Storyteller's prizes

  • Steve W. - Name a Character - offers Wilson Forbin as the name - I look forward to researching this name in the archives to see if I can find him.  I suspect he is a member of a clan from a World Beyond, as the Faie rarely use surnames.
  • Sheila R. - necklace gift box
  • Robert G. - necklace gift box
  • Debbie D. - necklace gift box

100 Likes on Facebook Raffle

  • Chandni A. - necklace with short story
  • Brenda K. - e-book set
  • Ashley B. - e-book set

I would like to extend a special thank you to all of the participants.  If you did not win this time, wait patiently, there will be other raffles in the future.  I had best get to working with the author to see what gifts we can think of next.