Let the Thunder Roar

The little birds continue to twitter about Feyron, and one of them told me that there's some sort of storm brewing...something called a Thunderclap.  I did some asking about, and it seems that you click on the little picture below to visit the Thunderclap.  Then you can join the campaign by linking your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

After clicking the red box for whichever social media service you use, remember to click the second red box as well to approve joining.  The service itself may pop up yet a third box to approve linking Thunderclap to you.

Then a 'Thank you' message will pop up.  This message will offer to you the option to share with your friends that you have joined.  It is a wonderful way to spread the word now (instead of waiting on the campaign to run) so that your friends can join as well if they like.  The campaign will not run if we do not reach 100 supporters.  Currently we have 48.  :)

This morning a little spider crawling about its web let me know that I missed one of the Masquerade Tours participants.  Please be sure you stop by and give her a visit as well.