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Fantasy Character Interview #13

Posted on April 6, 2014 by Olga Godim

Today, I welcome to my blog Nye, the eighteen-year-old protagonist of Diana Wicker’s YA fantasy The Dreamweaver’s Journey, Book #1 of The Age of Awakeningsseries.

1. Tell me a little about yourself—your name, profession, where you live, do you have a family, the usual.

I am Nye…well, officially, my name is Master Aneurin of Heron, but my friends all call me Nye. Now before this grand adventure, most everyone ignored me or picked at me, even though I’m to be the next lord of my clan, because I had never displayed any form of magic. There were even those who thought I shouldn’t be allowed to be the next clan lord because of it.

I live in Feyron, the realm of magic as it’s known on the Worlds Beyond. If the Storyteller was here, she would give you some poetic story about the Guardians of magic and their Realms of Light, but I’m not much of a storyteller. I guess the best way to explain it is, magic…all the magic everywhere, including the magical beings, come from here, and tie back to here. Most clans that were not lost on the Worlds Beyond still remember their ties and return for the Midsummer Solstice each year to renew their magics.

My family lives in Heron Hall, the manor at the top of High Street in Heronton at the edge of the Fertile Plains just beside the Crystal Mountains. My father is the lord of the clan, and when he is ready to begin his Age of Rest, I shall become the lord. My mother was an apprentice scholar in her youth, but like most girls she left studies to start her Second Life. I have two younger sisters, Aideen and Arwyn. Aideen is the Dreamweaver, the first one born since the Guardians were lost during the Time of Sleep. She has a realm’s worth of expectations riding on her shoulders, and the story is really hers, but she thought I should come and chat today as I’ve gone so long without much notice.

Profession…I don’t know if future ‘Lord of the clan’ counts as a profession, but I had just completed summer academy when our…unexpected adventure began. I guess at eighteen summers I really don’t have a profession yet. Our clan are the unicorn-children, and we are gifted from our Guardian creation magics–healing, growing, and innovation. As I don’t have any of those skills or divination magics from my mother, I guess ‘future lord’ is as close as I get to a profession for now, unless you count ‘chaperone of younger sisters’ as one.

2. What happened to you, so you ended up in this crazy adventure the novel talks about?

Well, there’s this girl…I’ve been watching her for a long time. She’s the younger cousin of my best mate, but since they’re from a World Beyond, I only see her for the Winter Solstice ball and summer academy. She has enough mischief in her to be a sprite and enough playfulness to be a dragonkin. It was her wandering off by night and getting herself lost that started all of us on this crazy adventure. I couldn’t likely leave her lost and alone after my sister had a vision of her in the snows at the top of the Crystal Mountains, could I?

3. Do you think you will appear in another story, or would you even want to appear again? 

Well, I suspect, being the brother of the Dreamweaver, and after all the places we’ve been in this adventure, there’s bound to be more to come. This is just the beginning of a new age in history, and somehow I doubt we’re done finding new things.

Now, do I want to appear again, that is a whole different question. After so many years of being…well…ignored, I’m not sure I like suddenly being in the spotlight at the center of attention. My mom tells me it’s good for me, that it builds ‘character’ and helps me be ready to join the Court of Clans, but I think, for now, I’m happy to leave that to my father. I guess we’ll just have to see what the girls get up to next. If they need me, they all know that I will always be there.

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