Another little Remembrance

The crafters have another little Remembrance ready for me to show you.  You've may recall the little short story set that compliments Book 1 that I let you peek at a few days ago.  (Believe you me, there were some who were none too pleased about sending Crystal Tears outside of Feyron, but I know all too well there are those with hidden magics sprinkled in among the Nim - people not of the Faie.  Besides, who knows, there may well be dragonkin on your World Beyond waiting to be heard?)

Today we would like to present another touch of magic, little bottles with a Remembrance from each of our Guardians.  These magic bottles come with a little scroll naming each Guardian and their gift all nestled in little keepsake boxes.  I have seen several different styles of boxes so far, so you never know which ones they may send out.  The Keepsake Box and Magic Bottle may be different each time you see me, but the contents of the bottle and scroll will always remain the same.

I hear the Crafter's Guild is still negotiating for a Remembrance from the Circle.  I'm not sure if I will have those in time for the reading.  We shall simply have to see.