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Hail and well thee met friends of the Faie!

I am the author of the B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree Legacy of Mist & Shadow.  I would love to share with you some of my holiday traditions, and the narrator of my tales, the Storyteller of Feyron, is pleased to share a traditional family recipe for her favorite holiday pudding.  :)

Diana L. Wicker - author

1. What is a Christmas tradition you and your family have?

Every Christmas eve, for longer than I’ve been a part of the family, my husband, his brothers, and their friends have all gathered at his mother’s house for dinner, gifts, games, and a good time.  Each year after dinner is finished and gifts are opened, a box of whatnot appears for the boys (and now our children) to dig through and pick their favorite amusement.  Over the years we have seen - potato guns, marshmallow guns, dart guns, disk shooters, various brands of slime, and a plethora of gag gifts waiting in the box.  Everyone grabs a toy and heads into the front yard to play like a gang of school kids until it’s time for the “youngins” to head home to bed.  (My kids tell me the cans of Flarp are the best thing each year. ;) )

2. What is or was your favorite stocking gift(s)?

Growing up I was the oldest of thirteen grandchildren who all lived in the same little town.  (For a while we even all lived in the same subdivision as my grandparents, but I digress.)  Grandmommy and Granddaddy had a stocking for every family member, and that got to be a LOT of stockings hanging up once my generation started having children.  Each household bought a little something for each family member to place in the big stockings to open on Christmas morning after breakfast.  It was always exciting to dump out the stocking of tiny gift wrapped boxes to see what prizes were to be found, and mind you, this was before there was such thing as Dollar Tree.  To this day those little trinkets wrapped in colorful paper that spilled from the stockings at my grandparents’ house are still my favorite Christmas stocking memories.

3. Is there a humorous gift that you received? What was it?

Now this is a difficult choice, as my husband and his brother have nerdy gift competitions, and we’ve had a lot of funny things come our way over the years.  We have a lovely plush blanket that is covered in binary code that spells the word “blanket”.  I have a wonderful D&D shirt that says, “+20 shirt of Smiting” that came with a pair of 20 sided fuzzy dice to hang in my car (which I did).  But, I think my favorite funny gift would have to be the remote controlled “fart” noise maker that happened to be on the same frequency as our doorbell such that whenever the doorbell was pressed, the little speaker started spouting it’s odd noises about the room.  (My kids say the squawking rubber chicken was really the best though. ;) )

4. What are some of you favorite books you have received at Christmas time? 

As a child I was always surrounded by books.  It may be funny to say, but my favorite books received as gifts were always the ones from my Uncle Paul, the drama professor.  Each year he would give me a book or two from a new series, and I would spend the rest of the year reading new books in that series and waiting to see what new series he would give me the next Christmas.

If I had to pick a favorite series for YA/Middle readers that influenced me, I’d have to say Narnia, but I can’t promise I first received that as a Christmas gift.  ;)

5. Egg Nog or Cocoa? 

freshly made egg nog - My husband makes the best egg nog, with and without "adult" flavorings.  :)

6. What is your favorite part of Christmas day? 

Gosh, that’s a tough one.  I’d say our open invitation of, “Y’all come.”  We have a standing invitation to any family members who would like to stop by to come on over and visit.  My husband cooks up brunch or lunch and anyone that has stopped by when the food is ready is welcome to pull up a chair and enjoy.

7. What is your favorite Christmas movie and why? 

I am a big Rankin and Bass fan.  I love all of their holiday specials.  I have to say, my absolute favorite is The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus. I love the magic of the fairy tale - a child being raised as a part of the magic of the world around him,  seeing the “world of men” through innocent eyes, and vowing to make a difference, no matter how small.  To me the story says a lot about what should be “immortal” to the memory of humanity - that one person CAN make a difference, and that the spirit of the season is fellowship, friendship, and giving.

8. What is your favorite Christmas song (but not a carol/hymn)?

The Christmas Shoes by NewSong - this song makes me cry every time

The Storyteller of Feyron

In Feyron we celebrate the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, as our New Year holiday.  We look forward to the ever lengthening days as winter fades and spring approaches.  Families gather together for a night of Solstice events which include dancing, story telling, and, of course, eating. 

Ever since I was a child my favorite part of the evening has always been eating a warm bowl of pudding before heading off to bed.  I am pleased to share with you my favorite pudding recipe, passed down to me from my grandparents, that you may enjoy it too. 

Holiday Pudding

Gather together:

  • 8 cup saucepan
  • small mixing bowl
  • large serving bowl
  • 1 box of Minute Tapioca Pearls (tiny)
  • corn starch
  • Sugar
  • salt
  • 1 egg
  • milk
  • pure vanilla
  • 1 bag mini marshmallows
    • prep 1/2 cup scoop and 1/4 cup scoop)
  • 1 can crushed pineapple (if you can’t find crushed, buy chunk and smash on cutting board with mallet)
    • prep 1/3 cup - drained, but not squeezed, so fruit is still wet

Mix dry ingredients in the saucepan:

  • 3tbs tapioca
  • 1 heaping tbs corn starch
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt

When mixed thoroughly, separate the egg.  Place the egg white in a small mixing bowl.

  • 2 level tsp sugar

Gently sprinkle the sugar into the egg whites while beating.  Beat until very stiff.  Set aside for later.

Put the egg yolk in with the dry ingredients.  Using the back of a large mixing spoon, work the egg yolk into the dry mixture until it has the same consistency and resembles yellow grits. Be sure there is no egg yolk sticking to the pan!

Add 3 cups of milk, a little at the time, stirring constantly to ensure there are no lumps.  Let this stand for 5 minutes for the tapioca pearls to hydrate.

After 5 minutes cook the pudding over medium low heat, stirring constantly, until it begins to boil.  It will thicken and only bubble up (not a rolling boil).  Do not allow it to stick to the pan!

Remove from heat.  Add 1tsp pure vanilla.  Pour into large serving bowl.

Add 1/2 cup of mini marshmallows while pudding is still hot.  Stir until about 50% of marshmallows are melted.

Add crushed pineapple.  Stir until well mixed.

Check the bowl of egg whites to ensure all are well beaten, no liquid pooled at the bottom of the bowl.  Beat again until solid as needed.  Scoop stiff egg whites on top of pudding and gently fold until all is fluffy.

Top with remaining marshmallows.  May be served warm from the bowl, or chilled.  (I have always liked it best warm from the bowl.  ;) )


Thank you for visiting us here in Feyron.  I hope you enjoyed meeting the Storyteller and the author, Diana L. Wicker.  The next stop on the indieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop is tomorrow, December 23rd with V.L. Thurman.  Happy Reading!

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