So many exciting events to come :)

Good morrow, friends of the Faie!  We've had so much exciting news in the past week I can hardly decide where to begin.  Perhaps in the order of presentation would be best.

Our lovely author has been invited to participate in something called a live, online event at the mysterious location known as Facebook.  She will be available for meet and greet on Tuesday, June 16th, from 4pm - 5pm EST.  If you have a few moments that day, please be sure to stop by and visit.  Reading is Our Passion's Celebration

This lovely event happens just shy of the Summer Solstice, which, as you may know, is the most important celebration of the year in Feyron.  In celebration the author has called a few of her friends, and I've talked with the artisans.  We will have a few gifts to offer those who participate in this online event.  Rafflecopter

In July I will be appearing at ValhallaCon to read stories to anyone who would like to sit with me and listen.  (ValhallaCon event page)

Friends of the Faie will be hosting a booth in the Artists Alley with paperback books signed by the author as well as little Remembrances from myself and my best little listener, Eliyahu.  I hear tell there may even be little miniatures of some of the characters on display.  I hope you will take a moment to stop by and visit.  You never know who you might meet.