Special Thank You to Mia Darien

Today's special thank you shout out is to Mia Darien!  If you've not seen Mia's works, you should really hop over to her website, From Mia's Desk.  She has wonderful stories in various genres, both short stories and novels.  She also hosts wonderful interviews, writes up fabulous reviews, and runs an awesome book preparation service.  Be sure to stop by her author page on facebook as well, Mia Darien.

And, as if she wasn't busy enough, she also coordinates anthologies to raise money for charities.  I was honored to be invited to participate in Bellator, and privileged to work on the short story, Outside the Walls, with A.L. Butcher.  (Yes, that's right, you've seen her name on all three anthologies offered in the Rafflecopter.)

Last but not least, I'm taking a moment to plug this super fun series by Mia.  I'm anxiously awaiting the next story!