Where did your love of fantasy start?

Guest post by the author

Hail and well thee met fellow fantasy readers!

Do you remember the very first big Fantasy series that you read and you knew, you just KNEW that you had found your genre?  Some may say it was Narnia, or The Hobbit, or Lord of the Rings, or some other well known series.  For me that series was Thieves’ World and the various sets of books that spun out of that little town of Sanctuary to make a bold, and broad, universe.

For any that have read that series, I’m sure you found that the character Tempus Thales left a lasting impression.  I know he did for me at least.  I was so excited to see his “Beyond” trilogy hosting an end-of-summer sale that I just had to spread the word.  Hop on over to Amazon and snag some great heroic fantasy!

Beyond Sanctuary

Beyond the Veil

Beyond Wizardwall

*Feyron readers note - this is not soft, young adult fantasy.  Highly recommended for adult fantasy readers, but not my younger readers.  :)