Do you like to listen to stories?

It has been my experience, in my years as a storyteller, that many people love to hear a good tale, but often do not have time to sit still and read one for themselves.  I am pleased to say you too can listen to book one, just like the children who gather around me to hear my tales.  Mind you, I'm not reading the story to you myself; a wonderful young lady named Lynelle reads you the tale.  She has a lovely voice, and I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to her while you relax.  ;)

The audio story can be found at these locations.  Happy listening!  :)

But where are the coupons?  Ah, audio books are a different beast, my friends.  There will be a couple of Rafflecopter giveaway opportunities coming up later in the year.  Keep an eye out for more information to come.  :)