Our Story Continues


Goodness me, but 2015 seemed to just flash by, and I never did get another story finished for you now, did I?  Well now, I suppose I'll just have to try to do better for you this year!  :)

Last year I attempted to concentrate on marketing, promotions, and sales by participating in online events, hosting vendor booths at various conventions and Artisan activities, and Cosplaying the Storyteller.  I learned that all of these things are VERY hard work, expensive, and do not bring me joy.  This year I am hoping to concentrate on finishing the Feyron tales that were left over from 2014 and selling the Feyron gift sets remaining from my vendor supplies.

While there were no new stories, Tales from Feyron was not exactly idle.  New releases last year included: the audio book for The Dreamweaver's Journey and 99c single e-book for the short story Outside the Walls from the Bellator anthology.  Legacy of Mist and Shadow received the BRAG Medallion.  And, a goodly number of ball jointed dolls have appeared claiming to be characters from Feyron.  Hopefully I will have time to complete a few of them so that they can introduce their characters to you.

(Yes, I have posted doll pictures before, but I've not yet settled on just the "right" hair, face-up, and clothing for them.  They have been in a state of flux for a year now, and I am hoping they settle in to their character look and clothing collection this year.)

Last but not least, my gift to you for January - 99c downloads for the Age of Awakenings Set through Smashwords.  If you have read the stories and enjoyed them, please share the coupons with your family and friends.  :)

Smashwords coupons:

Book 1 - The Dreamweaver's Journey


Promotional price: $0.99

Coupon Code: LQ98S

Expires: December 31, 2016


Book 2 - The Guardian Child's Return


Promotional price: $0.99

Coupon Code: PV32X

Expires: December 31, 2016


Book 3 - Legacy of Mist and Shadow


Promotional price: $0.99

Coupon Code: AL72T

Expires: December 31, 2016