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Oh my goodness, what a lovely review for The Guardian Child's Return this morning!  Thank you SO much Mrs. N for the wonderful review.  I am so glad that you enjoyed my tale.  :)




Author: Diana Wicker

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Book Blurb:

The Guardians have awakened after the Time of Sleep and returned to renew the magic with the clans of Faie.  At the request of the Guardian, Lord Grypos, Keeper of Knowledge, the Master Scholar travels through the Outer Gateway with craftsmen and apprentices to coordinate the repairs of the once great oasis that houses the ancient archives of knowledge known as the Island in the Sands.

As the summer wanes and the oasis begins to return to its former glory, the Guardian calls the Master Scholar to the meditation room in the wee hours of the night to discuss a journey.  In the fire an image flickers of the red desert sands speeding past, a land of grey beyond the desert, and a cavern of twilight behind an obsidian wall.  “Arwyn and Shyamal are to go there for me to seek out that which was once mine.”

What starts as a seemingly simple journey becomes an adventure with life threatening consequences as the two are unexpectedly joined by their friends on a journey far from home beyond the Realms of Light into a realm that few within the clans of Faie knew could even be reached.

My Review:

This is book two in the Age of Awakening series and if you’re a fantasy fan like me, you must read the whole series. I recommend you start with book one, The Dreamweaver’s Journey.

While I don’t want to give away too much, I will share with you a few observations:

  • The Storyteller, while a touch bothersome for me in book one, was absolutely delightful in book two. I loved her role as narrator and I found the parts where we get to see the reactions from the children in the story amusing. Their reactions were similar to mine and I could picture the scene clearly.
  • The action and pacing of book two were a touch slower than book one. While I didn’t mind in the least, it may seem a bit jarring if you are reading it right after book one.
  • The new characters (as well as the old) we meet in book two are well-developed, complex and unique. Each character has its own voice and Diana Wicker did a masterful job putting me inside their head and heart.

The journey Lord Grypos sends them on is quite the adventure and without giving anything away, it was an epic excursion and I got to go along for the ride!

If you love fantasy and excellent world-building storytelling, this is a must read! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Favorite Character:

Shyamal. When we last left him, he was a pup. Now, he’s growing and changing, not to mention discovering his magical abilities. I loved how protective he is of Arwyn. There’s something innocent in his behavior that I found endearing.

My Rating:  5 stars

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Author Biography:

Diana is an indie author living in the balmy climate of the US south with her family, two dogs, one cat, and a cantankerous rabbit.  She enjoys reading, sewing (clothing, costuming, and experimental toy-making), being “studio mom” for her children’s dance school, and RPG games.  (She grew up with the old school paper/pencil style of gaming, but has transitioned happily to the highly interactive world of video games.)  And, as if she had more time to spare, she has recently invested in Asian ball jointed dolls to customize into characters from Feyron.

The idea for Feyron started with a map, a place for her daughter to tell stories and live out storytelling role-playing adventures with her friends.  The lore grew around the map, for every world needs lore if you are going to “live” there.  The idea for a series, Tales from Feyron, grew out of the lore, for if you’re going to invent a world, you may as well play there too.  The stories are continuing to grow through the various historical ages of Feyron and have just started to ripple outwards to the Worlds Beyond touched by magic.  Legacy of Mist and Shadow is the first tale to venture to one of those worlds and has been awarded the BRAG Medallion by Indie BRAG.

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Reviewed by: Mrs. N

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