Chill with a Book: July Newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

Hello Honourees, Readers and Friends

How did we get to July so quickly? Scary how time is racing by so fast!

No doubt you are busy packing for holidays so please make sure you pack plenty of great reads. You can find amazing reads on Chill's web site

I am delighted to report that once again many more books have been adding to the Award Programme ... Historical, Fantasy, Murder Mystery, Thrillers, Romance and more. The Awards are now known in many countries around the world and is becoming a recognised Award of a great read.

One author has asked if children's books can be submitted? If you have young family members who would be interested in reading Children's books for Chill, please let me know. Also if members of your family or your friends are interested in being a Chill reader, please ask them to email me. Pauline Chill readers receive Amazon vouchers so they can download to their e-reader any book they choose from the Award Programme.

Awards this month totaled ELEVEN including ONE Special PB Award.

Applause please for these well deserved Readers' Award honourees

The Embroiderer by Kathryn Gauci

Legacy of Mist and Shadow by Diana L Wicker

A Minger's Tale by R B N Bookmark

The Shame of Innocence by Nikki Copleston

The Mask Revealed by Julia Brannan

The Bride's Trail by A A Abbott

Delphi's Dilemma by Ros Rendle

A Life Between Us by Louise Walters

A Rip in the Veil by Anna Belfrage

The Rose Trail by Alex Martin

The Loyalist's Luck by Elaine Cougler


Special PB Award was honoured to

The Shame of Innocence by Nikki Copleston


Book of the Month for June

The Shame of Innocence by Nikki Copleston


All these great reads can be seen on Chill's web site Chill with a Book

Until next time, have a wonderful July and find time to chill with a book.



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